Kadans Science Partner announces the launch of the construction of The Hive, a unique centre dedicated to research and innovation in oncology in Villejuif, the fruit of an ambitious partnership with the PSCC and Sadev94.

Villejuif, 19 October 2023 – Many people responded to the call from Kadans Science Partner and the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster for the official launch of The HIVE. The HIVE is a unique, innovative facility due to open in 2025, providing a home for up to 1,600 researchers and entrepreneurs at the heart of the Villejuif biocluster, accelerating innovation in oncology. This first stone reflected what the local councillors, the government, research, academia and industry have decided to bring to Villejuif: an ambitious and necessary project to serve the scientific community and the general public.

There are many ingredients for the success of this cluster of excellence: some of the world’s leading basic research in oncology, access to exceptional technology platforms, easy access to clinical trials, the support of one of the world’s leading industrialists, public and private funding, and now a flexible, tailor-made space offer to accommodate the growth of innovative organisations. The HIVE is 25,000 sq. m. of laboratories, services and convivial spaces for your research, within a cluster of almost 100,000 sq. m. dedicated to innovation.

By the end of 2025, oncology researchers, start-ups, scale-ups and industrialists will be in a district that will be connected via line 14 and line 15, open and virtuous, where the entire scientific community will find a lively and hospitable working environment to drive forward innovation in oncology.