R&D facilities


Knowledge-intensive spaces

Are you looking for a knowledge-intensive space for your company but have no idea where to start? Kadans Science Partner can provide all types of accommodation from laboratories, clean rooms to pilot plants. Kadans has the space and knowledge ready so your company or organisation can focus on the important things: innovating and growing.

Our clients

The profile of our clients is diverse, as is our range of knowledge-intensive spaces. We mainly accommodate start-ups and scale-ups in our specialised assets. But with the knowledge and experience we have, we also develop knowledge-intensive buildings for large corporates. All our clients are active in Life Sciences & Health, Food, Energy and Digital Economy.

Integral approach

Kadans Science Partner is involved in the development of the building from start to finish. We invest, develop and operate specialised assets to complement science clusters across Europe. We have the knowledge of permits and the experience to arrange the space of our clients as desired. During the fit-out process, we guide our clients in creating their ideal working environment.

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